Multi Spindle Drilling and Tapping Heads

Building on the unique design of the Original Centinel style multi-head, we now offer the Modular fixed centre front plate Unit, utilising standard components and incorporating an interchangeable module that houses the output spindles the customer has a cost effective unit that can be readily changed over for a different pattern of holes within the head parameters.

The drill/ tap spindle is able to rotate a full 360° around the axis of the idler spindle which is secured to the jig-bored front plate – moon around the earth. The complete spindle assembly can also rotate 360° around the main drive gear – earth around the sun. Thus the drill or tap can be positioned anywhere within the designated maximum and minimum pitch circles of the head with the jig bored front plate holding each hole pattern accurately in place.

– gear driven for reliability
– add or subtract spindle modules in minutes
– up to ten spindles on one head
– jig-bored positioning front plate ensures fast and accurate set-ups
– adaptable for practically any machine – manual or Automatic Tool Change (ATC)