Service & Repair

Routine Service and Repair


Coventry Engineering are able to offer a comprehensive service &  repair facility  based at its premises in Coventry, this may be required either due to general wear and tear or following a crash situation, once received on site our targets are to respond as follows


Strip and assess damage / wear within 5 working days


Quotation raised and sent to customer detailing parts required and timescale for the repair


on receipt of a customer purchase order the repair would commence, a standard unit we would expect to turn around in 7-10 working days, however bespoke units requiring parts to be manufactured may take longer




Spare Parts Kits and Preventative Maintenance Schedules


Both driven and static tool holders  supplied by Coventry Engineering are ready to run after a simple installation procedure as detailed within the operating manual and if used within the units parameters will give years of satisfactory working.

Driven tools are sealed for life with gears and bearings lubricated with Kluber grease products for longevity and lower wear characteristics.

Whereas Coventry Engineering offer a 7-10 day general service schedule this may not work for units used in critical processes where downtime costs money, bespoke units are often offered with a “spares kit”  which gives the customer limited downtime, the kit purchased either with the unit or as an after-sales package is returned with the unit for any service or repair process, parts are used from the kit for the expedience of the return, and then replenished prior to being returned to the customer at a later date.