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Easychange QC Tooling


Easychange is a Quickchange Tooling System for use on Manual  Toolroom type Mills. Simple, accurate and robust with the added advantage of allowing tools to be pre-set to length which increases productivity on repeat operations.

Various machine fittings are available for R8, ISO30, ISO40, Morse Taper and Straight Shank spindles.

Easychange makes for a rapid change over between tools in seconds and no spanner or key is needed as it locks fully automatically the moment the tool holder is loaded with very little clearance needed between the tool and the work piece.

Easychange also protects the machine spindle from wear associated with constant tool changing as the master holder can be left in place.

Product specifications:   Accuracy within 15µm ~ Max. speed 3000 RPM ~ Max. load should not exceed 1.0 HP (0.74 kW)

Any questions you can always call our dedicated UK technical sales team on 02476 645 999     

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