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Eashchange Basic Holders

Model: R8-EC-027
Easychange Basic Holder R8 mount. Gauge Length - 27mm. 7/16" UNF Clamping Thread..
Model: QC30-EC-060
Easychange Basic Holder QC30 mount. Gauge Length - 60mm. M12 Clamping Thread..
Model: QC40-EC-049
Easychange Basic Holder QC40 mount. Gauge Length - 49mm. M16 Clamping Thread..
Model: QC40I-EC-049X
Easychange Basic Holder QC40i mount. Gauge Length - 50mm. 5/8" UNC Clamping Thread..
Model: MT3-EC-051
Easychange Basic Holder 3 Morse Taper mount. Gauge Length - 51mm. Tang Type..
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